Vincent Heeringa
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 397

Jonah stumbled through the debris. "Petreus! Dad!" It’s 2143 and far above the ravaged Earth a terrorist bomb rips through the heart of Sky London, the capital city of the Metricians. The bomb destroys any hope of peace between the sky-dwelling Metricians and their Earth-bound enemies, the Landers. Worse, it’s killed Petreus Salvatore, the Metrician’s chief peacemaker – and Jonah’s father. Now orphaned, seventeen-year-old Jonah joins the Terror Squad seeking revenge against the Lander scum. But will he find them? And are the killers whom he thinks they are?In a tale from Earth’s near future, the Metricia Series describes a dystopian world where climate catastrophe and out-of-control diseases have created a world of haves and have-nots, mutant bandits, power-crazed scientists, mechanical leopards and cities that float in the sky. And, most importantly, it has created a world ...
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