Corey Croft
Publisher: Fly Pelican Press
Pages: 305

The city of Fury is a mother that eats its young. It is a working class melting-pot found at the end of the line on the Quad-City Express. It is a place with where the predators are equal to the number of those preyed upon.Living in the city is tough, and growing up there is even harder. Cava, Luc, and Sally each face their own demons trying to make it through their final year of high school. Surrounded by fiends, thieves, prostitutes, pimps, and gangs, the crew must find their own path to overcome the temptations and obstacles, and make it through just one more year.The Furies is a coming of age dark young adult fiction that takes place in the mid 1990's. It draws influences from the hip-hop culture and contains many references of the time. It is a nostalgic and gritty look at the urban underbelly of youth culture and the vulnerability of the working-class at the time. It is a ...
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