Max Walker
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 382

OLIVER BRIGHTLY:Ok, so imagine this.I’m halfway across the world in a bar in London celebrating my last year of vet school when I spot the sexiest silver fox I’ve ever seen. We flirt, we kiss, and I have one of the best nights of my life. I’m sure I’ll never see him again, which is why I don’t give him my real name, even though I’m down to give him my address, phone number, and throw in my social security number just to be sure.Weeks later, I walk into Stonewall Investigations in Miami looking for help and who do I find?A certain silver-haired fox with a cocky grin and an accent that makes my knees melt.So… about that help...BECKHAM NOBLE:I went back to London so I could bury my father and put our rocky past to rest. I wasn’t expecting to get handed a letter by a woman I’d never seen before, addressed to me in my father’s handwriting.Opening it on the spot would be ...
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