KT Quinn
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 149

“I had it all figured out. Until I didn’t. Now I’m stuck behind enemy lines with a gift I don’t understand & the spirit of a dragon stuck inside of me.”My name is Mikah Harper. Quirky, average and next in line to join my Mother to defend the dark in the age old war against the Skybjörn. That is until my Ascension goes horribly wrong and I’m forced behind enemy lines by the handsome and ridiculously annoying stranger I can’t stop thinking about. What side do I choose when the lines between good and evil are blurred? Who should I betray - the handsome sexy stranger I can’t get out from under my skin or his royal pain in the ass and my family? Time is running out for me to make a choice. A choice that will save the world or destroy it. Fury and Fire is the first book of an action-adventure fantasy series that has an element of RH Romance. It is a multi-episode novella ...
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