Brooke Stayrook
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 601

It is ironic for an immortal killer, such as Caspian, to have his destiny locked away in the mind of a mortal who is cursed to be reborn without any recollection of her past lives. At the turn of the 21st century, Caspian finds her as a five-year-old child. When the 9/11 terrorist attack claims her father's life, Caspian adopts Samantha under the guise Connor Roberts.Throughout Samantha’s childhood, Caspian tells her fairytale bedtime stories. Samantha has no idea these grand stories of heartwarming adventures, French werewolf armies and pirate wars are secretly intended to reconnect her to ancient memories. Telling Samantha bedtime stories was the easy part. Raising her into adolescence has demanded unsurmountable patience, requiring Caspian to call upon his loyal followers to assist him in managing the comical attributes of a developing pre-teen.Tiring as guardianship is, Caspian ...
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