H.M. Shander
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 289

"Hey lazy-bones,I’m hanging out on the beach, waiting for you to show up.Get your cute butt down here and don’t forget your sunscreen.T-bird"The note was meant for Camille, Tess’s best friend and travel companion. It wasn’t meant for the hot, hunky American who descends to the beach to see what the note was all about.At his arrival, Tess decides to ditch her boring persona and pushes herself to step outside her comfort zone with the handsome, yet sweet stranger. She promises herself he’s nothing more than a vacation fling.How could Jon ever truly own her heart when he lives in Maine, USA, and she goes home to her mid-west Canadian hometown. One week to play in the sand and surf—that’s all it can be, until true feelings start to develop.How does her heart stop listening to what her head warns will only end in heartache?
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