S. E. Turner
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 326

A POWERFUL WOMAN A BRAVE WARRIOR A DARK SECRETIn a world where women are submissive and blood feuds abound, a child is born into the Royal House of Gnaeus. Though when a mysterious mark appears on her face, the child is banished to the wilderness—forever.'You will feel my vengeance, father.'Since that fateful day, Ajeya has lived on the very edge of survival. She has faced Death many times—and survived; survival is second nature to her. The Clans groomed her to become the woman she needed to be ... far more than any court of nobles could.'I wear the scar of a warrior on my face and the mark of a hare on my arm.'Though now the clans and courts are at war, she will have her revenge ... and yet, there is something even more important she has to do.SEEK THE TRUTH!Excerpt:The horizon was grey on this morning, and overhead an obscured sun peeked out timidly through low scuttling clouds and ...
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