S. E. Turner
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 326

A POWERFUL WOMAN A BRAVE WARRIOR A DARK SECRETBorn a mutant in the eyes of her father—the Emperor Gnaeus of Ataxata; Ajeya is banished to the wilderness—forever. Here, she must accomplish three things: learn to survive, find the ancient clans, and sharpen her mind to a deadly edge.'I will avenge my father.'Since that fateful day, Ajeya has lived on the very edge of survival. She has faced Death many times—and survived. Survival is second nature to her because being part of a clan has helped her become the woman she needs to be, far more than any court of nobles could.'I wear the scar of a warrior on my face and the mark of a hare on my arm—I am a survivor.'However, those at court are threatening the existence of the clans and seek to wipe them out by whatever brutal means they can—no matter the consequences. Now, with her one great love and unbreakable spirit, Ajeya must turn ...
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