S. E. Turner
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 326

THEY PLOTTED AGAINST HER AS A CHILD.NOW THEY HAVE TO FACE HER AS A WOMAN.It's not a peaceful time in the Kingdom of Durundal. Loved ones have been lost, thrones are being burned, and hearts are now broken. But against all the odds, one young woman has learned to survive - and survive she must to protect her people and bring peace back to the lands.THE FIGHT FOR POWER HAS BEGUN.Excerpt The horizon was grey on this morning, and overhead an obscured sun peeked out timidly through low scuttling clouds and tried desperately to brighten an otherwise forlorn day. The wind blew cold and Ajeya could hear the gushing rush of water and the creak of the mill's great wooden waterwheel. There was a smell of rain in the dawn air, but no drops were falling yet. Smoke was rising from the chimneys, indicating another chilly November. Children's shrill voices could be heard coming from the homes, and as a ...
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