Kenna Kendrick
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 426

He has to fight for revenge, but he wants to live for love...Andrew Cameron was not an ordinary child. He was born with a purpose and a duty; to win back his legacy from the evil Murdoch Mackintosh, who killed his father and rob him of his rightful place.With that burden on his shoulders, Andrew lived all his life preparing for this moment, but his destiny is in jeopardy when he meets an alluring lass...Nairne Mackintosh was afraid of her father, Murdoch, her whole life. Raised by a man who was tormenting and abusing her, she never thought that tenderness and happiness were an option for her.One day, on the shores of a mystical loch, a very naked and vulnerable, Nairne meets a young man who will change her life forever and put her in even bigger danger than she already is...Andrew is focused on getting his revenge for the murder of his father, but lasses can be distracting when found in ...
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