Krissy Daniels
Publisher: Kiss Me Dizzy Books
Pages: 254

I’m a firm believer in happily ever afters. So when my sister died, leaving behind a daughter, I swallowed my grief, dumped my boyfriend, and caught the first plane to Idaho. I wasn’t prepared to meet my niece, let alone be a single parent.But that didn’t stop me.I never expected to have the romp of my life with a grumpy stranger on my first night in Whisper Springs.But I threw caution to the wind.Imagine my surprise when that brooding bad-boy turned out to be my niece’s savior.And my heartbreak when I discovered the man we’d both fallen for was a dangerous criminal. Happy endings never come easy. But don’t worry; I’m a fighter. And sometimes, our scariest challenges become the most extraordinary adventures. ****Whisper Springs belonged in my rearview, and I had long since put my past to rest. Then she came along, a tiny captive who captured my heart.My hometown was the ...
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