Fanny Finch
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 915

An accident brought her into his life. He will do everything in his power to keep her.After a terrible fire leaves her an orphan – and the only peeress in her own right in all of England - Mary Hillington will suddenly have to learn how to be a countess. Even if she still bears deep wounds that cannot be hidden... Duncan Winstanley is not the person he pretends to be. Apart from a simple doctor, he is also a Viscount, bound to inherit the title and fortune of the Earl of Bellston. He has to find a wife as soon as possible, or else he’ll lose everything...When a strange carriage accident brings Mary to Duncan’s doorstep, a glimmer of hope seems to appear.But the carriage accident is only the beginning and the strange occurrences in Mary’s life prove to be more than coincidences. Hidden in the shadows, someone orchestrates attempts against her life. Now, Duncan will be swept into the ...
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