Kristi Belcamino
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 186

Former assassin and mafia boss Eva Lucia Santella has lost everything she’s ever cared about, but is still attempting to carve out a new life for herself back in Italy as a modern day Robin Hood, devoted to taking down those who prey on the innocent.And she’s training an army of female assassins to help her do it.When one of her top lieutenants comes under attack, Eva vows revenge.But when her niece Gia Santella—unexpectedly shows up in Italy, Eva finds that she has more to lose than she ever dreamed possible. She’d avoided meeting the young woman, knowing that everyone she ever cares about is inevitably taken from her.The two women soon find themselves in the fight of their lives in a battle that leaves them both reeling in grief and left with only one option:Kill or be killed.
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