Tia Louise
ASIN: B07XM8M346
Publisher: TLM Productions LLC
Pages: 302

AN AMAZON TOP 70 BESTSELLER.Patton Fletcher is✔Demanding,✔Driven,✔Dangerously sexy, and✔My New Boss.My sister says he’s the devil; she says don’t fall for him.I say don’t worry—I’m not about to let some arrogant, young CEO derail my dreams.Or insult my wardrobe. I don’t care about his deep brown eyes or the way the muscle moves in his square jaw when he’s pissed.I won’t fall for his charm or how sexy he fills out that suit. I said I could resist him.I was wrong… Raquel Morgan is Trouble.She’s stubborn, independent, and a fighter.She has long, dark hair, crystal blue eyes, and freckles… Freckles.And long, sexy legs.And a smart mouth. I’ve spent seven years building one of the top companies in Nashville, and I’m not about to let some ambitious, cardigan-wearing new kid distract me from my goals.Raquel Morgan won’t tempt me.I’m The Boss, and I never lose control…(BOSS OF ME is a ...
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