Debbie White
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 234

A drifter and a single mom meet by chance… or was it their destiny?Shelley Bennett has had a rough time of it. When she gave her heart to the father of her child, she never thought it would end in heartache. Now raising a child by herself, they settle in Bozeman where she opens a stationery shop, Rock Paper Scissors. When a drifter enters her shop inquiring about the help wanted ad and has a skill she’s looking for, she decides to take a chance, and hire him.Skip Morrison also has had a rough time of it. After serving his country he comes back to an empty house. Distraught and alone, he sets off traveling city to city. When he stops in Bozeman, he never dreams it would be for more than a night or two. He sees the help wanted sign hanging in the window and steps inside to inquire. It might be time to put down some stakes. Shelley needs an engraver; Skip needs a place to hang his hat for ...
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