Scarlett Osborne
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 504

He grabbed her in his arms and that's all she ever needed…Traumatized by a past she dares not speak about, Letitia Caddy, daughter of the Baron of Mullins, has always been afraid of the outside world. Confronted with her father's decision to wed her to a man she has never met in her life, she decides to run away disguised as a commoner.Widowed and a single father, Algernon Fletcher, Marquess of Radcliffe, is the epitome of propriety. When his daughter is rescued by a beautiful young maid, he can’t help but offer her a position in the household.But even though their attraction is fierce, Letitia's secret identity is threatening to ruin it all…An unexpected guest bears shocking tidings and Letitia comes face to face with the harsh reality: not only are they all but mere pawns in a devious game of power, but the puppetmaster is one hiding in plain sight.*If you like a realistic yet ...
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