Chelsea Thomas
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 83

The Big Vermont Bake-off is in trouble……its sassy celebrity judge was found dead in the lake. If somebody doesn’t catch the killer, the event will have to close for the year and possibly forever. Lucky for the Bake-off, Miss May, Teeny and Chelsea are in town. These wise-cracking sleuths are fresh off solving their first murder. They’re sure they can solve this mystery before the dough begins to rise.But can they do it before the Bake-off in 24 hours? The quirky town of Chester, Vermont is new to the girls. There are lots of suspects but there’s very little time to work. Could it be the suspicious diner owner, who is oddly obsessed with French Toast?What about the scorned lover, who walks all through town with a cat on a leash? Read this short, clean cozy to find out. You’ll love book 1.5 in this cozy mystery series because it’s cute and fun, but the mystery keeps you ...
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