Christina Galeone
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 63

Can a Christmas bet turn into a Christmas blessing? Only with a little bit of that Christmas magic!Emily Brooks is so happy to be engaged that when her manipulative fiancé bets her that she can't help a jaded blues musician find the Christmas spirit, she takes the bet...even though the stakes are far too high. If she can help Eugene find the Christmas spirit, her fiancé said he would stop arguing with her about adopting the foster child whom she dearly loves. The Vermont artist and the child could both become part of a family again for Christmas.But as Emily reaches out to Eugene and discovers what a kind, genuine man he is, her guilt and her fiancé's jealousy turn everything upside down. Secrets are uncovered. With Emily's dreams of love and family shattered, can the true magic of Christmas can pick up the pieces?Each book in this series is a stand-alone novella with no cliffhangers. ...
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