Oscar Malenar
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 14

Andrew is super excited that he learned how to count to 10 and now he can’t wait to get up and starting counting things around the house!The Day I Learned to Count is a funny illustrated bedtime story that uses counting repetition to quickly teach counting to Pre-K kids (ages 2-5) and get them excited to learn how to count to ten.In this delightful and rewarding bedtime story for toddlers, Andrew remembers that he had learned to count yesterday. And this, it turns out, is such a fascinating activity!  Sitting up in his bed, he thought, “Today I will spend the whole day counting everything around!”The first thing he noticed was the yellow sun shining brightly out the window.  I'll start with the sun, Andrew thought. - The sun is one".  Andrew continues to find amazing things in his house to count, each time starting with 1 and counting to the next number, until he counts to 10.This short ...
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