Nick Clausen
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 188

A lonely house with a flesh-eating zombie. Three teens trapped like rats in the basement. Will any of them get out alive?When Thomas agreed to help Jennie do her paper route, it seemed an ideal chance to break up with her. But as they reach the last house miles outside of town, they're suddenly face to face with undead monsters.Now, trapped among the remains of voodoo magic, they must work together to avoid getting eaten alive. But odds are stacked against them as they learn Jennie is already infected. Soon, she spikes a fever. Within minutes, she will slip into a coma, die—and then reawaken.When that happens, Thomas faces a much bigger problem than breaking up with her ...If you enjoy fast-paced zombie stories where no one's safe, then you'll love the Dead Meat series.Buy Day 1 to begin the apocalypse today!
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