Neal Linares
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Neal Linares ping-ponged from the US to El Salvador during his growing up years, causing him to struggle with feeling a sense of belonging and the need to escape life. He found the solution in a liquor bottle. He drank himself out of military school. He drank himself out of relationships. He drank himself into insanity. Falling deeper and deeper, he clung to his skewed perspective of life: it was not his fault and he was not powerless against alcohol. No, he was in control!Oh, he gave sanity a shot. He really did. For eight years he played the part of the perfect husband, perfect worker, and perfect churchgoer. But it just didn't seem... normal. Sanity didn't suite him. So he fell back into the comfortable arms of insanity.Then after spiraling to the bottom of the barrel, he found Santa. Or was it the lights of a cop car? Finding his second wife gone and feeling alone as he has always ...
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