Tara Lee
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 372

One letter changed everything. A stupid piece of paper erased everything I thought I knew. Who I thought I was, where I came from --- all wrong.My life keeps spiraling out of control, leaving me lost, confused and very angry. I just want answers. But finding them is the hard part. When I leave Pleasant Grove, I find a lot more than I bargained for, and not just the secret my birth parents kept. The pretty blonde at the bar has me by the balls. My charms and smile don’t work on her, which only makes me want her more. She forces me to reconsider everything I thought I knew about love. One smile from her, and I’m hooked. She's forbidden fruit, and I want a taste. She says she’s damaged, broken. So am I. But maybe I can piece her back together. Maybe we can find healing together? A new start awaits, and she's only the beginning. Will our love be enough to save us both? Or will we both ...
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