Oscar Sparrow
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Pages: 107

ALL OSCAR SPARROW TITLES FREE ON CORONAVIRUS LOCKDOWN - FILL YOUR EREADERS!What could link a webcam girl, a cross-dressing police chief and an escaped ferret?A British nation torn by Brexit staggers on. Frankie Ferret, a pre-school children's TV celebrity, escapes into sewers of London and surely is dead. The people unite in grief. Police Chiefs, counselors and politicos stand in tear-stained sincerity with the common people. Viktor Pinupskin of Russia offers a genetically-modified bear cub with his own face as a substitute. Internet bots urge a vote and attempt to sway the masses. Chaos and panic threaten to destroy the economy.Into the mix steps young police inspector, Crispin Bissel. His mission is to lead the search and target PR for the cops. His ex-girlfriend, Selena Fontesse, is a mature ex-webcam girl specializing in veggie porn. She has the looks and the bosom to comfort a ...
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