Mary Matthews
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 102

Praise for Magical Cool Cat Mysteries: “FUN! Step back into the days when you needed a password to get that drink, veterans had come home from the Great War, and the electric double decker trolley was the Bee's Knees of public transportation. Travel along with a well polished debutante, a rough hewn veteran pilot, and the deaf Persian cat, who is actually the brains of this detective agency, as the humans try to keep up! “ Amazon ReviewerThe Magical Cool Cats Mystery Series can be read any order. If you'd like to know the chronological order of the series, here it is for you: Volume One Splendid Summer Emeralds, Diamonds, and Amethysts Cher AmiVolume TwoMeow BabyCupcake KittyMeow or NeverCatty CornerVolume ThreeCat Dance9 Lives to LiveMEWOWThe Fur Will FlyVolume FourRight MeowCats Never Forget Don’t Mess With Fluffy Volume FiveThe Fur Flies AgainCattily Ever After
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