Dustin Porta
Publisher: Dustin Porta
Pages: 153

Phehl never wanted to be pike keeper, but at least the job would be easy.Or so she thought.When a ceremony goes wrong and a strange girl washes up on Whalegrave Beach, Phehl is duty bound to help. But there's a problem. The girl is a sharkling(tricksters of legend with smiles of dagger-sharp teeth). And she's not the only visitor.Ships appear on the horizon. Some want to trade, others to plunder. When the sharkling is captured, Phehl must make a terrible choice. Let the monster be taken or risk everything to bring her back? Trust her new friend or trust her people?Either way she will have to be honest. About the secrets she's keeping, the lies that she has told, and lies of keepers who came before her.Whalemoon is the first book in the Wyrmwind TalesThis whimsical high fantasy is set on a world of islands, with a fable-based magic system that weaves tales of sea-gnome knights, genies in ...
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