Alexis Bice
Publisher: Alexis Bice
Pages: 431

Ivy Wallace is a young litigator living in the small town of Tanner, West Virginia with her husband, Matt. She and Matt work at the same law firm together; and live a happy, comfortable life, just the two of them and their cat. But while their friends are having children and expanding their families, they begin to wonder just how happy their marriage really is. But when a new mysterious logger, Rowan, comes to town to start a new life for himself, Ivy finds herself running into him wherever she goes. She finds herself mesmerized by his emerald green eyes, and the story that she’s convinced lies beneath them. Despite her attempts to stay away from him and remain faithful to her husband, Ivy winds up in a hot, steamy summer relationship. But is that all it was? Just a summer fling? In this romantic drama novel, you will find yourself at the edge of your seat, holding on for a wild roller ...
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