Alex Padilla
Publisher: PunkRockWords
Pages: 193

When Ricky Rojas, a drone operator for the United States Military, successfully targets an elusive rebel leader, he’s approached for a top-secret operation. As part of a specialized unit, he’ll be granted access to a plethora of state-of-the-art weapons and technologies. The catch is, regardless of the mission’s success, under no circumstances can he return to the country he once knew. For the indifferent Rojas, this is not a problem.Separated in transit, he finds himself in a what appears to be a utopian paradise. Yet suspicions grow as he experiences the eerie and unexplained. Despite his new equipment, Rojas’ steadfast irreverence becomes his greatest strength as he journeys past the uncanny valley to find his lost companions and unravel the entity known as the Ocean.
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