Harmon Cooper
Publisher: Boycott Books, LLC
Pages: 541

Now a complete trilogy. Start the bestselling Death's Mantle series today!Lucian North is supposed to be dead.Suffering from a rare heart condition that doctors say should have killed him over a year ago, Lucian is playing a video game when Death finally comes. Rather than give in, Lucian pulls a gun on the Grim Reaper. As the two stare each other down, terrible demons known as injuresouls swarm into the room in pursuit of Death. Summoning courage he never knew he had, Lucian comes to Death's aid. And for his troubles, he is awarded Death's Mantle.Transported to a spiritual world he could have never fathomed, Lucian finds that he is instantly powerful, able to conjure weapons from scratch and perform incredible feats. He introduces game mechanics to his new role, develops a carefully curated inventory list, and modifies a HUD system that allows him to better track his targets. It isn’t ...
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