P.J. Berman
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 404

TRIGGER WARNING: Contains scenes that some readers may find upsettingQueen Silrith has fallen. Now she must rise again. However, when her army lands in Etrovansia in search of reinforcements and political support, their welcome is far from warm. Their retreat from one war could start another.Ezrina, a vengeful Hentani priestess, feels the weight of expectation placed on her by her tribe. Without Jezna by her side, her headship is a lonely one. Will the arrival of strange new allies prove a welcome help or complicate matters further?Zethun, an ambitious young politician, rides a wave of public support amid the passion of revolution. Now he must restore order before the mob descends into anarchy.All three rebels stand on the precipice of their defining moments. There is no going back now.Meanwhile, the tyrannical usurper, King Jostan, brings new violence to the Verusantian reign of terror ...
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