Lydia Caatt
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 486

Claire felt the sting of Teisha’s blade snake a haggard line across her arm. She cried out as intense pain radiated. She quickly covered her open flesh with her free hand to staunch the bleeding as it poured a river across her skin and pooled on the sandy beach. She met the victorious violet eyes of her attacker, shocked and suddenly afraid. Teisha’s evil grin widened across her angelic face at Claire’s response. “Your death will give me pleasure like nothing this world has ever experienced.” Though the small victory over Leishmann gave Claire and her family a moment of peace she soon learns that the war is far from over. Now she must learn and accept her true self and the part she played in creating the evil that now reigns on the world of Danyon. Faced with impossible tasks, against incredible odds, she now faces her final battle. To fail now will sentence Danyon to eternal ...
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