Fanny Finch
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Pages: 834

Everyone had heard the rumors. But no one was prepared for the truth...Lady Catherine Cartwright, daughter of the Earl of Abingdon, is a beauty coveted by many. When her greedy parents announce her courtship to the mysterious Duke of Windermere, she is determined not to show fear, despite the strange rumors that are whispered about the recluse Duke.Rumors about what happens to the women he chooses as brides.With her gentle soul and sharp mind as her weapons, Lady Catherine will arrive at Windermere Hall. She will try to discover the truth behind the stories and get to know the man behind the “beast”. But as she burrows her way into the iron duke’s heart and he wins her day by day, his secrets come back to haunt them both.Secrets that may even cost her life.When the truth comes to light, it will trigger a chain of events no one is prepared for. As society is reeling by the shocking ...
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