Richard Average
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 35

Bob Clegg is an ordinary hard-working guy; a roadwork boss with an amputated left forearm and a limp from a motorcycle crash.; a middle aged guy who's in love with a young waitress named Jackie. It's all very simple and matter-of-fact. Until one day she invites him to her place for a beer. After talking for a while in the outside Sun she excuses herself and goes into the house, where the old screen door bangs closed behind her. He waits patiently but a sudden loneliness and longing to reveal his feelings impel him towards the house and the old screen door which hangs askew, imperfectly closed. Nearing the door he sees her through the screen tidying the kitchen. Bot it's not her, it's a deep and ancient creature, her soul perhaps, ministering like a priestess in an ancient temple. Bob is struck dumb , palsied by a sudden debilitating shyness. When at last she sees him standing mute on ...
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