Steven Chisholm
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 520

It has been a century since humanity surfaced in the wake of The Cleansing, a catastrophic apocalyptic event. War clings to the land like a red stain as the outlying settlements try to enact revenge on the centralized Hive, who’d all but left the settlements for dead when mankind dwelled beneath the earth.A boy finishes up his final days serving as an escort to the settlements' fallen soldiers. With no immediate family and no money, Micah Noble’s sixteenth birthday marks his transfer to the allied settlements’ main military compound, the Churchyard. Here, he will train to enact revenge in a war of which he holds no stakes.Meanwhile, a girl’s settlement, Eta, is overthrown by the incredible force of the Hive. In her escape, her father, Eta’s brightest computer technician, bestows upon her a digital device that harbors undisclosed information that could potentially prolong the ...
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