Melissa Seal
Publisher: Emerald Design Co.
Pages: 114

Alexandra “Lexie” Fleming is the hottest detective on the Norfolk Police Department. She is on the trail of the “Last Call Killer,” a brutal serial killer who preys on college girls. Lexie is driven to solve the case even though her life is falling apart. She must find a way to stay one step ahead of the killer despite her grief over the sudden death of her partner and the betrayal she feels as her marriage implodes. When Lexie’s new partner, detective Danielle Watkins, enters her already chaotic world, the tension is undeniable. Danielle is good at her job, strong-willed and just as stubborn as Lexie, and at first they clash professionally. Danielle is also beautiful, and the electricity between the two detectives is impossible to ignore: the subtle touches, the lingering looks, the late-night conversations. Lexie is swept away by the forbidden feelings growing within her. As they ...
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