Etta Foster
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 884

Safe is a funny word for a Bride heading West... But not when he is there to become her guardian angel…After years of service as a maid, Mary Caer MacDougall, forced to take the place of another, she suddenly finds herself traveling to the West as a Mail Order Bride. A place she should have never been in...With his heart utterly broken, Emmanuel Martinez has no other choice but to leave his life as a Rancher behind and start a new one as a simple worker on the Train Railroad. Away from the cause of his suffering, he finally finds the peace he has been looking for. But plans can be fragile in this wild nature and when everything’s ruined, no one can predict the path you’ll follow...When a train robbery brings Mary and Emmanuel together, they will be forced to trust each other, if they want to make their way to safety.But reaching their destination is not the end of their hardships, as ...
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