Mark Baggesen
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 121

Ditch the drama, crush personal conflict, and get your office back on track…Personal conflict in the workplace kills productivity, and makes your office a miserable place to work. Drama-Free Zone: How to Deal With Conflict at Work gives you proven tools to eliminate troublesome and unnecessary drama in the workplace, so you can be productive, work with others and leave the office happy and relaxed. This book outlines simple, actionable steps to handle problems at the office, and shows you how eliminating drama can lead to a better life at work and home. Save the drama for the movies… Not the workplace!After reading this book, you will:Take a look in the mirror, and stop drama in your own life before you bring it workMaster your people skills, and build stronger, advantageous relationships with peersBoost productivity, by creating a thriving, amazing environment for your employeesBuild a ...
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