Austin Grayson
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 439

Sam Lane has been the sheriff of Durango Hills for 32 years. With just a month left before retirement, he hopes that his last days of tenure will be quiet and peaceful. But his plan goes awry when one of the most powerful ranchers in the area, Deke is murdered, and all evidence points to his hated rival, Jerico. When Sam realizes that there's more to the story, will he step up his game and get to the bottom of the murder, defying all odds? While investigating Deke's murder, more trouble comes Sam's way. Two gunmen are passing through town and they do not plan on leaving before taking down the sheriff due to past grievances. Sam will be called to outwit and outgun them, while at the same time he needs to find another killer on the loose. Does the old Sheriff have it in him to solve the most demanding case of his life?  Gunfights and cat and mouse games create a thrilling tale full of ...
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