Dean Jarvis
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 96

A collection of beautiful handcrafted stories with animals set as their themes.Contains a mixture of Fantasy, fable, and personal stories. Humor, twists, and strange storytelling withinMy works have been published in three different collections this past year alone. At present, I have received eleven five-star reviews across all regions. I take tremendous pride in the quality of my works. I enjoy creating stories that are both unique and complex in their design. If you're looking for something that is easy to read, full of imagination, with a splash of dark humor, this book should be the perfect choice for you.Please feel free to check out my webpage for further updates and free samples. readers say about my worksDean writes his short stories as Quentin Tarantino would direct his movies.All of them will make you smile from time to timeFun read so ...
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