Molly Lavenza
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 179

Destruction.  In a family of healers who save, all I do is destroy. My enforced solitude is for my own safety as well as that of the world, or so my mother tells me.  When the boy next door beckons, I can't help but sneak out to forge a friendship with him. Loneliness leads me to defy my family, but desperation prevails when I discover that the grounds of his private academy hold a secret that could help me learn why my ability is so disastrous . . . or push me to create a catastrophe that will bring only death and destruction. ***Merith Leigh has decided to give herself the best sixteenth birthday present ever: freedom. She's spent the last two years in silent communication with Taran, the boy next door, and his encouragement to meet him beyond their bedroom window views has tempted her to finally break free of her family's bonds. With a leap of faith, she trusts Taran with her future ...
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