Faith Johnson
Publisher: Clean Romance Publishing (October 17, 2019)
Pages: 59

This is a sweet, clean, mail order bride, historical western romance by YOUR favorite Amazon Best Selling Author Faith Johnson.Find out for just $0.99 or FREE on Kindle Unlimited Ready to leave her past behind, Kate O’Brien has decided to become the mail order bride to Jacob Keynes—even if Jacob does not know this yet. She has informed him she is on her way, and surely once they meet he will agree to marriage even though he was not expecting her. However, when she arrives in Big Moose, Kate realizes she has been too hasty. Though Jacob seems a kind and generous man, he is not yet ready to make a marriage decision.Determined to make a life for herself, and unable to return home, Kate takes a job in Big Moose while she waits for Jacob’s decision. And just when Jacob begins to show interest in making Kate his wife, her life is once again thrown upside down. Not only has a disgruntled ...
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