Jessica Metzger
Publisher: Metzger Publishing
Pages: 114

A fun and exciting fantasy adventure novel for kids and preteens!Girls really can be heroes, and a little magic helps too.Katie is a normal girl living a normal life, until she falls through a glowing crevice in the sidewalk. She makes a note to herself to avoid glowing crevices in the future.On the other side of the crevice lies Dreamland, a realm of fantasy and magic, a place where she can let her imagination soar and develop new powers. Katie has no idea why she's there or what she's supposed to do, and she meets other kids also stunned to find themselves in the same realm of mystery. When a strange woman in white appears, Katie and her friends learn that Dreamland is under a threat only they can stop, while the woman "helps" the kids with incomplete instructions and unclear advice that frustrates them enormously. Through the confusion, Katie has the adventure of a lifetime, with ...
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