Aria Grace
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 142

Devin has been working as an escort at Omega for Hire for a long time. Too long, some might say. He loves his job, but even he has started to wonder how long he'll be able to keep up his role as arm candy for powerful alphas. When one of his most successful clients cancels on him two days before New Year's Eve, Devin's left wondering if his time in the limelight is over. Solomon's overseas trip for his father's company was a rousing success, and he gets home just in time to attend a New Year's Eve party hosted by one of his best friends. But as a young, successful alpha, Sol can't be seen in public without someone on his arm. His pride won't allow it. When his little black book of conquests fails him, he turns to Omega for Hire, only to find that nearly all their omegas are booked solid. Thankfully, there's one omega with a last minute cancellation who happens to fit the bill. New Year ...
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