N Gray
Publisher: unknown
Pages: 284

I’m Blaire Thorne, an assassin with powers… Even though I still have amnesia, I’m slowly getting to grips with my job as an assassin and a were-leopard I’m bound to (against my wishes, but he did it to save my life). Ralph has asked me to join him in bringing down a serial killer in Sterling Meadow who murders men with similar physical attributes, removes their internal organs and replaces them with a small voodoo doll.As we close the case, my relationship with Sebastian develops, and I discover more about my past when I find myself in the middle of a nightmare.A nightmare that could change everything … Voodoo Priest is a dark adult urban fantasy with a hint of romance.Fans of True Blood will be transported into a new world where nothing is as it seems.Reader discretion is advised, recommended ages 17+ due to language and sexual content.Other books in the Blaire Thorne series:Ulysses ...
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