Carrie Bedford
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 264

SHE CAN SEE WHO’S GOING TO DIE – AND THIS TIME, IT'S EVERYONE!It looks like a plum job for architect Kate Benedict—she’s been sent to Amsterdam to repurpose an ancient mansion, happily assigned to work with an old friend. Should have been a lark! But it's a catastrophe—her old friend’s going to die.And so is the caretaker. And the owner. Not to mention the owner’s personal assistant.Kate’s the only one who knows. Because she has a secret.She’s just a normal Londoner except for one tiny thing—she sees auras that predict death. This is a first, though— never has she seen so many in such a small area. Based on past experience, everyone in the house—or even attached to it—is about to die.(Probably Kate included, but she wouldn't know—the auras don't show in mirrors.)The place could be haunted, of course. Author Bedford will give you goosebumps as voices speak in ...
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