Tessa Dawn
Publisher: Ghost Pines Publishing, LLC
Pages: 46

Do you want to make a living writing fiction?Never give up on your dream!DO YOU HAVE ANY ADVICE FOR ASPIRING AUTHORS is a short, no-nonsense booklet containing five practical tips plus inspiration for aspiring writers. Chapter One: WRITE! (No, really…)If you truly want to be a writer…and then a published author (traditional, hybrid, or indie)…you have to write and write and write! The exact same thing could be said about reading, devouring everything you can in the genre you wish to write in, studying the prose of numerous authors, and getting a feel for the bestselling stories (common themes, world-building, and contemporary writing), but for the purpose of this booklet, we’ll stick to writing: There’s simply no substitute for putting words on a page…Chapter Two: You need a professional editor! (And no, it cannot be your sister-in-law.) A lawyer needs a paralegal; a professional ...
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