C.M. Allen
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 278

It started out as a simple favor.Go to New York and bring Nico's sister back.But the woman I found there would rock my world.I just didn't know how hard.Raven was beautiful, but she was hiding some deep, dark secrets.To save her from the dangers that surrounded her I would need the one thing from her she didn't have left to give.Her trust.This book is part of a series and cannot be read as a standalone.Devil's Deviants Series:#1 Maverick.#2 Maverick's Redemption.#3 Butch.#4 Roman. (Available now for pre-order)#5 Gunner.This book contains some abusive and violent situations that some readers might find offensive.HEA ending. While there is no cliffhanger for Butch and Raven's story, there is one for the next book, Roman.
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5 stars from 13 ratings
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