RaShelle Workman
Publisher: Amazon.com Services LLC
Pages: 139

It's against the law for supernaturals to live in the human realm. Aurora knows that. What she doesn't know is she's one of them.But a kiss changes everything…When the fairy who cursed her offers a way out, she must decide whether to leave her best friends behind and join the Fairy Academy or finish out her days in the human realm until the curse takes her life. Seems like there really isn’t a choice at all…__________FAIRY ACADEMY SERIES:Hidden Princess Broken Curse Stolen Magic __________Other Books by RaShelle Workman:DEMONLAND SERIES Alice in DemonlandAlice Fights DemonlandAlice Takes DemonlandAlice Ignites Demonland (6/2020)BEASTLY SERIESA Beauty so BeastlyWOLF BLOOD ACADEMY (coming soon)Initiation Inheritance Induction SEVEN MAGICS ACADEMYBlood and SnowFate and MagicQueen of the VampiresDeadly WitchRoyal WitchVampire LiesVampire SecretsVampires and GargoylesVampires and ...
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