Melinda Woodhall
Publisher: Creative Magnolia
Pages: 285

WHO WILL BE THE NEXT GIRL TO DIE?The addictive Mercy Harbor Thriller series continues as a brutal killer stalks the women of Willow Bay. When an ambitious young reporter uncovers disturbing clues to the killer’s identity, she becomes the unwilling subject of her own deadly story.Detective Nessa Ainsley is determined to be the next chief of police in her small Florida town, but first she must track down the sadistic Willow Bay Stalker before he strikes again. And as she struggles to understand the motive behind the vicious crimes, another victim is found, revealing an ominous connection to the town’s inner circle.As detectives escalate the search for the killer, Eden Winthrop opens the Mercy Harbor shelter to two of the stalker’s traumatized victims. But when she discovers an unsettling connection between the shelter and the recent murders, Eden begins to piece together the ...
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