Zarqnon The Embarrassed
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 44

This book contains illustrations comparing how someone like me views the world vs a non-autistic person views the world, including how we view friendship, noises, sights, routine, time, and have issues with boundaries.It takes a look through illustration at why people like me are overly sensitive to noise, or have issues paying attention, or respond negatively to touch, or get upset when a routine is disrupted.I am in my 50s, so I am looking at this as an individual who has had many experiences and train wrecks. I have spent many years of self introspection, trying to understanding how my filtering system affects my ability to function and my relationship with my environment. In the last 1930s, Autism was first being diagnosed as a specific psychological process. But up until the 1960s, it was accepted as a dimension of other psychological profiles.Once it was understood as a unique ...
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