Francis Jonah
Publisher: Bestsellers And New Releases Publishing(Bestselling Christian Authors Books)
Pages: 108

Eliminate the Simple Things That Prevent Your Words From Coming To PassDo you want your words to come to pass?Do you feel little keys you do not know are preventing your words from coming to pass?Are you frustrated by your inability to see results for this biblical principle although you hear many testimonies about it?If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, then this book has the perfect solution to help you make your words come to pass.You will learn the 4 key principles without which your words will not come to pass. Many people are without results because they miss one or more of these key principles.Next, you will discover the background preparation that must be done for your words to come to pass. Things don’t just happen, a lot of preparation behind the scenes go into making the successful things we see. Same with making your words come to pass.Further you will get a ...
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