Bryce Oakley
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 195

"Deep friendships, cool lyrics, and passionate love scenes weave a plot worthy of the best of the L Word. Highly recommend." - Amazon Review"This story was so touching, hot and romantic." - Amazon ReviewTwo lonely souls with countless secrets — what’s the harm in one more?Zoey McCarren goes by many labels: keyboard player, fashion industry darling — but she is not a lesbian. As the only not-queer woman in the infamously queer band, The Shrikes, she spends an exhausting amount of time resisting that title. In fact, she’s spent so much time being the not-lesbian that it would be a cliche if she ever did find herself attracted to a woman. Luckily, she’s too busy focusing on her career to date at all.Pia Marino has everything she’s ever wanted. Almost. She’s the host of a popular daytime talk show, she’s a household name, and people respect her. She’s achieved such wild ...
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