MzHood Love
Publisher: Services LLC
Pages: 152

New Release Bang Dat is set on the gritty streets of Watts and Compton. Where banging a hood is expected and killing an enemy is the norms.Straight out of Watts, California is Lana. A cute but deadly Piru girl who slipped up and fell in love with an OPP ( enemy). She fought hard not to catch feelings, but her heart got the best of her. She’d never imagined that loving a Crip would feel so right and no matter the heat that comes from it she doesn’t wanna give him up. Grey Eyes has been nothing but good to her. He saved her life a few times.What happens when her one and only brother catches a hot one ( murder) and the only way he can make bail is to rob her man’s father? Grey Eyes has secrets of his own tho. What will Lana do when she finds out her man, the one she loved and broke all the rules for is connected to she and her brother's pain? Will she regret the decisions she's made ...
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